Badger Corporation has a proven record of success with over 25 years of conducting appraisals on a world wide basis. Appraisal personnel draw upon the experience of the auction division, which is involved in the daily buying and selling of machinery, equipment, real estate, and inventories throughout the United States.

This constant involvement in the marketplace gives Badger Corporation a distinct advantage over other firms who do only appraisal work – an advantage reflected by both realistic and accurate value estimates. Accurate appraisals are designed to assist in decisions that have direct financial consequences.

Offering answers to problems concerning the Liquidation Value, Orderly Liquidation Value, Market Value, Value In Use, and Insurable Value of Assets. In addition, appraisals provide the necessary guidelines with respect to leveraged buy outs, mergers and acquisitions, the allocation of purchase price, tax structure and basis for depreciation, present worth, lease financing, and estate planning.

Asset Management:

Consulting: The first step in any engagement is to work with the customer and define their specific needs and objectives for a Surplus Equipment Program. Once this is determined then we can develop and tailor an overall Program that meets these needs and objectives.

Store Decommissioning: Badger Corporation provides a complete store decommissioning program. From store security, to sale of equipment, to removal of equipment and returning the closed store to original configuration, we can do it all.

Transportation and Storage: Badger Corporation maintains a fleet of vehicles that can meet any challenge or project needs that the customer may have. From small service delivery vehicles to semis and trailers we can cover any specific requirements.

Evaluation: Badger Corporation equipment experts review and evaluate every piece of surplus equipment and rate it on a scale for future usability. This saves our customer time and money in determining which pieces should be held for future use and which should be liquidated.

Inventory Tracking: Badger Corporation provides custom inventory tracking software on a real time online basis.  This allows our customer to know what they have and where it is in order to make informed decisions on utilizing surplus equipment.

Reconditioning: Badger Corporation provides minor repairs and maintenance on surplus equipment and has complete reconditioning capabilities at some of our locations including state of the art painting.

Sale, Disposal, Auctions: Badger Corporation evaluates surplus equipment and recommends to the customer the most cost effective manner to liquidate the equipment.  This includes the sale of equipment to third parties, auction of equipment to third parties or recovering the metals from unusable equipment and selling.  Each recommendation is intended to provide the customer with the maximum return on the equipment.

Customer Support and Service: Badger Corporation assigns each customer to a customer support team that is trained to know the customer’s internal practices and policies.  Each support team member has one goal – to satisfy our customers needs and ensure we exceed their expectations.

ReportingBadger Corporation provides a variety of standard and custom management reports to keep management up to date on everything from equipment sales, to equipment in warehouses, to equipment assigned to projects.  We can develop custom reports to meet any of our customers needs.

Green InitiativeSustainability is a core component of our services. Badger Corporation is dedicated to achieving a ZERO waste policy and pride ourselves as being an environmentally friendly firm. We are committed to keep our communities clean and act responsibly for the benefit of our company, our clients, and the environment.


Badger is committed to auction excellence, and we rest our reputation on every sale. Our experience spans two generations of active participation encompassing years of service. Badger is skilled in combining three important elements crucial to successful auctions. These elements are: An extensive knowledge of the assets being offered for sale, an understanding of auction buyers and their needs, and the ability to stimulate interest and excite the auction audience. Our personnel are involved daily in the buying and selling of machinery, equipment, inventories, product lines and real estate. The knowledge and experience developed from this involvement enables Badger to sell a company’s assets intelligently and ensures the highest attainable price.

Complete and thorough preparation is a trademark of Badger. Auction items must be properly organized and tagged which, in some cases, demands that our crew arrives weeks before the sale. We organize the sale in a way that stimulates interest from both small and large buyers.

Registered bidders receive a detailed auction catalogue, which lists the items available for sale. Buyers are then able to follow along during the auction. Our computerized registration and billing system enables auction clerks to furnish a complete listing of each buyer’s purchases. Sale proceeds are automatically tallied for up-to-the-minute status reports.


Do you have inventory that you no longer need and want to earn some extra cash? Badger Corporation is a full service auction house and will consign and sell your items for you. We have one of the lowest consignment fees in the industry, pay out in 15 days, plus we take care of all the work for you! If you would like more information regarding this service, please call us at 920-269-8686.

Cart Fleet Management:

Consulting: Badger Corporation meets with each customer to gain an understanding of particular cart retention problems and then develops a custom installation that will meet the needs and achieve the goals of the customer.

Installation: Upon completion of the overall analysis, Badger Corporation will recommend a system that best supports the organizations’ overall operation.

Customer Training: Badger Corporation provides initial and ongoing training on the cart containment system to ensure the customer’s associates use the system properly and effectively.

Monthly Monitoring: Badger Corporation monitors each location that has our system and program each month.  During the monthly monitoring of the cart containment system, we observe all aspects of the system to ensure it is operating and functioning properly and that all components of the system are in good, clean  condition.

Preventative Maintenance: Badger Corporation initiates any required service as a result of the monthly monitoring.  Repairs, maintenance, or cleaning that may be necessary at a store location is immediately scheduled at the time of the monthly cart monitoring.

Cart Retrieval: Badger Corporation provides cart retrieval as an integral part of our cart containment program.  The service frequency is tailored to meet the needs of our customer’s at each respective location.

Repairs and Maintenance: Badger Corporation provides repairs and maintenance for any type of shopping cart or rolling stock.  We maintain state of the art equipment including water reclamation systems to ensure a quality job every time by our trained service technicians.

Seasonal Cart Adjustment: Badger Corporation provides the customer with the opportunity to seasonally adjust their cart fleets to meet the needs of their business during the busy holiday season and for major promotions.

Cart Delivery: Badger Corporation operates a fleet of delivery vehicles which can meet the specific needs of our customer and their projects.  Delivering 10 carts to 300 carts is never a problem.


Logistics information coming soon.

Real Estate:

The right price for your property is the one set by a competitive market. And there is no faster, more direct way to ascertain your property’s value than through a Badger Corporation real estate auction. Our aggressive, customized marketing programs are specifically designed to attract the largest possible pool of qualified buyers, and through the competitive bidding process, buyers and sellers quickly learn what the market will pay for a property. The auction format is well suited to many situations, including:

Unique properties with a difficult-to-determine market value. These include anything from churches, trophy homes, and mansions, to jails, large industrial buildings, and landmark hotels.

Properties with a small but geographically dispersed buying pool. A customized marketing program can educate all potential buyers concurrently and convene them for a single sales event.

A portfolio of multiple properties. An owner selling a group of properties may wish to sell them all at once. For example, the owner of a group of apartment buildings may wish to avoid selling them one at a time, as this could cause management costs per property to skyrocket until all properties are finally sold.

A seller seeks a compressed selling timeline. This includes the owner of industrial or commercial space who wishes to avoid a prolonged – and costly – cycle of showings, negotiations, and enduring potentially deal-killing contingencies.

Sellers who need a specific date of sale. This can apply to sellers looking to clear the books by year’s end or looking to sell before expensive carrying costs erode value.


  • Residential – Condominiums, town homes, single-family homes, resort residences, penthouses, historic residences, luxury homes, equestrian estates, co-ops, farms, and home sites.
  • Commercial – Apartment buildings, office buildings, retail locations, shopping centers, movie theaters, restaurants, night clubs, storage facilities, car washes, marinas, boat slips, parking garages, and income properties.
  • Industrial Buildings – Steel mills, foundries, factories, freight/transportation facilities, grain elevators, storage silos, radio/television transmission facilities, and warehouses.
  • Vacant Land & Acreage – Development and investment land, recreational property, forestry land, and water rights.
  • Special Purpose Properties – Unique properties from churches and schools to jails, goldmines, and air rights.
  • Hospitality – Hotels, motels, bed-and-breakfasts, fishing lodges, sportsman’s clubs, and resorts.

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